The fashion industry is known throughout the world for unethical treatment of workers and harmful effects on the environment. We believe that good clothing isn't just aesthetically on point, but uplifts the people who made it physically, emotionally and financially. 

To ensure that each of our dresses is ethically produced, 100% of our production happens through partnerships with amazing organizations who are committed to providing fair-wage, safe jobs for women who need them. Check out our partners above and watch the video below to learn more about Mi Esperanza, where the vast majority of our production happens.


Meet the women


Romilia is proof that so much love and so much sass can come out of the same person! Her sarcasm cracks you up, but her handmade cards with wise words written inside will make you cry.

Romilia has four children. Her husband is ill, so she is the sole source of income for her family. Because of her work as a seamstress, her children can stay in school rather than dropping out to support the family. 


Amparo is clothed in a quiet strength. She is not quick to speak, but you can always catch her smiling and laughing as the other girls chatter while they work.

Amparo has four children and commutes three hours each way to work so she can support them. Her story depicts a mother's love so beautifully.

Reina is one of those people you can always count on to keep things fun. She always has a joke ready and her smile is contagious. Reina has two daughters, Heydie and Jerlin.

Because of Reina's sewing job at Mi Esperanza, she is putting Heydie through college, which is a life-changing opportunity for her. Reina's family is ab eautiful story of how sustainable income can break the cycle of poverty.


Sara is has the sweetest and most gentle spirit. Lovingly referred to as "Sarita" (little Sarah), she speaks quietly but her hugs are big and love-filled and always accompanied by a kiss on the cheek.

Sara is a widow, and the sole source of income for her family. She speaks openly about how thankful she is for her work, because she no longer has to worry about how she'll get by. 


Cecilia is barely 5 feet tall, but her personality would suggest otherwise! She always has something to say and when she laughs, she laughs with reckless abandon.

Cecilia is in charge of production. She maintains organization, cuts fabric, and keeps the work room stocked with all the necessary supplies. She is also Mi Esperanza's sewing teacher, making her an excellent help to our sewers (although they rarely need it!)


Aracely spreads a little sunshine everywhere she goes. She does everything with kindness and a deep commitment to doing the very best she can possibly do.

Before she came to Mi Esperanza, Aracely was waiting outside her daughter's school every day because she had no work or transportation. Now, she drops her daughter off at school and walks a few blocks to work. Aracely does all of our hand-printing and other jobs like making sashes and tassels.